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The main focus of “Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa” is to develop the pipes, pump and valves industry not only in South Africa but aims to develop the industry in all Southern African countries. Training is the the main driving force in the development of the Pump and Valves Industry in Southern Africa focusing on Pump Systems as well as Seals, Electric Motors, Couplings and Drives.

Impact COVID-19 has had on companies around the globe

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a swift and severe impact on companies around the world. Requiring quick action and big changes to remain operational amid lockdown conditions, business, as usual, is a concept of the past.

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Improving pump reliability is essential

Improving pump reliability is essential to reducing operational costs and increasing profitability. One of the first areas to show failure in a pumping system is the mechanical seal. Chris Dean, technical training officer for AESSEAL, sheds some light on where to find the fault.

How a Warman® SHW submersible slurry pump can overcome dewatering challenges

Tired of your operations being disrupted by unreliable submersible slurry pumps? We explore how the versatile Warman® SHW provides reliable submersible dewatering in the most aggressive mining applications.

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This Troubleshooting Guide allows you to review and diagnose potential problems that may be encountered with SAM Engineering’s range of centrifugal pumps. The guide outlines common pumping problems and failures with probable causes and procedures for checking and correcting possible faults.


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