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Local pump manufacturers can, and do, keep company with the best in the world. Not
only do products measure up quality-wise, but keeping it local often also makes sense
from a cost and operational point of view. Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa sat down with
Holly Smith, Supply Chain Manager at Pamodzi Unique Engineering, a level 1 BBBEE
company, to find out why local manufacturing is so important.

South Africa is among the more water-stressed countries in the world. It has abundant
water resources in some areas, but many parts receive rainfalls well below average.

One of South Africa’s largest independent polyurethane and plastic foam
manufacturers restarted an important gear pump, used to pump glue to rebound foam
chips, without difficulty.

RGR Technologies have successfully designed, developed, manufactured and tested
80NB Class 600 and 500NB Class 900 swing check valves for the oil and gas industry
adding a new product to our extensive product range.

Critical pumps in the provision of water and sanitation services, as well as pumps
used in the generation of electricity, are being fully supported during the nationwide
Covid-19 lockdown period.

An iron ore mine in the Northern Cape is benefiting from the versatility of a Grindex
Bravo 800 pump, which was recently dry-installed by Integrated Pump Technology for
boosting slurry flow.

The need to incorporate environmental preservation techniques on site has become an
ongoing and critical action point for the global mining and industrial sectors. Ensuring
water contaminated spaces do not negatively affect surrounding areas is one such
area where slurry and dewatering pump specialist Integrated Pump Rental can assist
through its SlurrySucker® slurry removal solution.

GEMÜ diaphragm globe valves can be integrated into multi-port valve blocks made
from stainless steel.

BMG – one of South Africa’s leading engineering solutions specialists - has been
authorised to provide engineering components and support services to businesses
approved as ‘essential service’ providers, during the country’s COVID-19 lockdown

In today's challenging economy, low operating costs and high productivity are
essential for business sustainability, the pump industry certainly being no exception.
As a global leader in sustainable productivity solutions, Atlas Copco is focused on
developing efficient, high-performance products in a compact, portable, versatile,
durable, and easy-to-service package, a strategy that perfectly aligns to the pump

GEMÜ is now expanding its tried and tested GEMÜ 1436 cPos positioner to include
additional options in fieldbus environments.

The National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (NEMA) defines an “emergency”
as one that has arisen suddenly that poses an imminent and serious threat to the
environment, human life or property, including a ‘disaster’ as defined in section 1 of
the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (DMA).

​The installation of Vesconite Hilube polymer wear rings can result in electricity
savings that more than pay for the wear ring.

A lack of a consistent and reliable water supply is having a big impact on the
growth and profitability on many businesses in South Africa – particularly those in
the manufacturing sector – and these businesses need to act swiftly to implement
measures and solutions that are going to mitigate water security risk and better
prepare them for an uncertain future.

KROHNE introduces four new additions to the OPTIFLEX series of guided radar (TDR)
level transmitters. Each device is designed for specific areas of application in the
Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power, Metals, Minerals & Mining, Pharmaceutical or Food &
Beverage industries.

7 Things to know before selecting welded metal bellows seals for your application

Flow measurement is one of the most important aspects of process control. Despite
being one of the most frequently measured process variables throughout the industry,
flow can be a very challenging measurement. Jerry Boisvert, regional product
manager for America at ABB, discusses flowmeter technologies, where to use them
and why.

Incledon, a leading provider of quality fluid conveyance products and solutions,
recently launched a new range of universal couplings, adding to its current range of
Tekflo-branded products based on quality, value, and performance.

BMG has recently launched a new range of portable hydraulic electric Enerpac E-pulse
pumps, which are critical to all 700 Bar – 10 000 psi operating hydraulic systems.

Optimising customers’ production and maximising their return on investment is the
ongoing mission of the well-resourced FLSmidth’s warehousing facility in Stormill,
west of Johannesburg.

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