Ainsworth Engineering has in recent months revived their historical footprint in manufacturing and supplying what must be a world recognized range of valves such as Resilient Seal Gate, more commonly known as the Ainsworth RSV and the Green Mamba, a market leader of resilient steel gate valves and the Grove Control valve, to mention but a few.

In 2013, the dti and ESKOM requested the South African Pump Manufacturers Association (Sapma®) to form the
South African Pump Cluster. In order to comply with the dti requirement to form a cluster, Sapma had to change from being an employer’s association to become a development association and to register as a non-profit company. As a result the Southern African Pump Systems Development Association® (Sapsda®) was formed.

The pump and valve industry in South Africa can be regarded as one of the oldest industries in the country. Some manufacturers of pumps and valves can trace their history back to the early 1900’s. Being an integral part of industrial development, the pump and valve industry has, over the years, been well supported by the market and government infrastructures. In recent times however, new developments have emerged creating new challenges for local manufacturers.

South Africa has a diverse infrastructure and ever changing weather patterns which has given rise to a need for efficient and cost effective methods of managing the accumulation of water and other undesirable liquid formations in strategic and industrial areas of the country.

The applications for dewatering pumps vary widely. Therefore, it’s essential when building a pump portfolio that users choose equipment that is versatile, while remaining productive, safe and trouble-free.

Taking a closer look at the very start of the humble pump. Today’s pumps are lightyears ahead of their ancient counterparts, a travel back in history, gives us better appreciation of this simple yet ingenious device

Currently delivering filling station solutions to major oil companies throughout South Africa, PC Pump & Tank (PTY) LTD with CEO, Peet De Beer at the reigns, is a VAT Registered Level 2 BBBEE partnership.

For a growing number of industries and applications, submersible pumps are
becoming the first choice, not only because they reduce the costs involved with downtime, but due to these pumps’ inherent ability to cope with harsh environments. Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa finds out more.

They have achieved this comprehensive coverage by completing the ranges for drainage and sludge applications and adding a completely new range for slurry applications. Selection from the entire, expanded range is simplified as all models are classified by application and type of fluid that they handle.

Tough operating conditions are the norm in the mining sector, and even more so when it comes to slurry pumping applications. If incorrect pump choices are made in these demanding applications, it can lead to high maintenance and repair costs and even catastrophic failures.

Several of Tsurumi's submersible construction dewatering pumps and seawaterresistant
pumps are being used as a part of operating this equipment .The job is employing a work barge outfitted with a mixing plant. The mixing plant is supported by a storage tank for holding seawater, two filtration tanks for filtering wash water after plant washdowns and a sedimentation tank for processing the filtered wash water.

KSB Pumps and Valves is intensifying its focus on aftermarket services that add value to customer operations far beyond the supply and maintenance of its own products.In future the company will also extend its services and
engineering expertise to include maintenance of entire systems, reverse engineering of rotating equipment and
system optimisations. This includes maintenance of thirdparty peripheral equipment in order to ensure its clients systems perform optimally at all times.

Mokveld’s Typhoon Valve System has scooped the ONS2018 Innovation Award in recognition of its industry transforming low shear technology which sets a whole new standard in the oil and gas industry. The future of the international oil and gas industry depends ncreasingly on the supply chain’s ability to develop new
technologies as the industry seeks to evolve and end its reliance on past practices to secure future business. That os exactly the purpose behind the ONS Innovation Awards – to discover and reward emerging technologies that can transform the oil, gas and energy industry.

Macsteel Fluid Control has been active in the water industry for over 40 years,
supplying a number of well-known products. Now the company is taking it one step
further, manufacturing quality Bermad products locally. Macsteel Fluid Control is a niche business supplying a
comprehensive range of valves, actuators, liquid level gauges, valve interlock systems and a full range of steam products across a number of industries, ..

Valves are mechanical devices that control the flow and pressure within a system or process. They are essential components of a piping system that conveys liquids,gases, vapors, slurries etc..Different types of valves are available: gate, globe, plug, ball, butterfly, check, diaphragm, pinch, pressure relief, control valves etc.

The Krebs® Technequip™ TGW series of wafer-style knife gate slurry valves was designed specifically for the harsh and abrasive slurries encountered in the mineral processing and power industries, dealing with minerals ranging from cement, sand and gravel to coal, phosphate, ash and alumina..

Industrial Gear Units and Geared Motors from SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa are ideal for demanding applications such as agitators, mixers, and aerators. Local Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Wamechsi Group has standardised on SEW products for a range of wastewater-treatment plants it has built throughout the country. This is largely due to the quality and reliability of the SEW technology

Variable speed drive (VSD) technology has been around for many years, but over the past decade with the development of new power devices and magnetic materials, the methodology has significantly changed course. This, however, has given rise to substantial confusion by users and specifiers of VSD equipment. Pipes Pumps &
Valves Africa finds out more

Emerson today released AMS Inspection Rounds, a new application for the AMS TrexDevice Communicator that will make it easier for operations teams to capture, report,and respond to abnormal plant conditions that pose risks to reliability, safety, and performance

With condition-based maintenance often reserved for only the most critical assets, SKF has launched a solution that can bring condition monitoring to applications thatwould previously have been out of reach.

.How does axial thrust compare amongst different impeller types for a rotodynamic
vertical pump? The net axial downthrust force is carried by the pump shaft.The shaft will stretch, i.e., elongate, under this load. Before the pump starts up, any stretch that occurs is due to rotor weight, the sum of the static forces. The thrust load will ncrease after the pump starts up due to the addition of the dynamic forces.

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