The African continent has an abundance of mineral resources which plays a huge role in the Global economy. Globally we are seeing a mining crisis, which has affected mining regions, operations, equipment manufacturers, service providers, negative economic growth, just to name a few. Due to the many global pressures we are finding a steady decline in production and manufacturing figures. The first step to resolving such would be the Investments that are required, locally and internationally for on-going profitable, successful and sustainable mining in Africa.

Principles and core values are a major contributor to the success and longevity of any business and for a company to survive a time span of some fifty years speaks volumes for the founder and the dedication of the personnel. Chick Henderson Company, established in 1968, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and looking back on its history, the late founder John Hamilton (Chick) Henderson would be justifiably proud of this milestone which was built on the moral and upstanding principles that typified the man, thus investing his characteristics into a lasting legacy. These principles of business ethics and correctness have been embraced by the employees themselves over the years, resulting in a loyal and trustworthy workforce.

Effective 1 November 2017, Atlas Copco grows into two separate international groups of companies. Globally, the entire Mining & Rock Excavation Technique Business Area together with the Construction Tools Division of Atlas Copco becomes part of Epiroc while the industrial segment remains with Atlas Copco.

Choosing an appropriate maintenance package from an original equipment manufacturer is a key step in the journey towards sustainable productivity enhancements. According to Willie van Wyk, general manager at FLSmidth, the company’s range of Krebs slurry pumps come with a range of maintenance options that drive productivity and reduce plant downtime. 

Spiders that were manufactured from Vesconite continue to be used to support the shafts of two borehole pumps installed on a Meyerton, South Africa, vegetable farm. Some 28 spiders were manufactured at Sima Turners, of Johannesburg, South Africa, for the owner’s farm some 15 years ago and these are still functioning to support two borehole pump shafts that reach 78m into the ground.

Zonke Engineering has been a specialist supplier of rotating equipment since early 2012 to provide a wider scope of supply to better service our customers.

Improving system performance, reducing energy consumption and meeting regulatory requirements remain the three biggest challenges facing today’s pumping industries. A recent international webinar hosted by Nicole George, product manager at Eaton, explored some modern technologies to help address these challenges easily, effectively and quickly.

The standard practice for replacing a sleeve in any pinch valve is to remove the valve from the line, which requires the use of a crane for all but the smallest valves. The valve is then stripped – the sleeve replaced – and the valve rebuilt. It is then reinstalled in the line, a process that can take several hours at best requiring the attention of several fitters and millwrights.

Thermaspray applied the proven technologies of thermal spray coating and PTA (plasma transferred arc) welding to successfully refurbish 2-way-3way valves at one of South Africa’s coal fired power generation plants. Depending on plant size, up to 15,000 valves can operate at a single power generation plant. In the steam cycle, components such as steam generators, pumps and turbines that handle steam and water require a variety of control, safety and shut off systems. High pressure steam, high temperatures and metal-to-metal wear at seating areas are the main contributors of wear in steam and water valves. 

Leading high pressure, hydraulic cylinder maker, Enerpac, announces a new Venturi valve to speed up the retraction time for single-acting, spring and load return cylinders after lifting projects. Attached to an electric pump, the valve allows cylinder retraction as much as three times faster than conventional manual methods; independent of load.

BMG has recently been appointed by SAFi Thermoplastic Valve Solutions as sole distributors of SAFi thermoplastic industrial valves in sub-Saharan Africa.

DPI Trading has supplied a range of pipe and fittings to Ruwacon Civils of Bloemfontein, the main contractor on the Nduli Reservoir project in Ceres for the Witzenberg Municipality.

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