Franklin Electric developed a unique water monitoring & management system for advanced water pump installations. Borehole water levels and flow rates can be monitored using this system. The general water table in the area can be kept within set levels or the total water supply can be monitored. If a borehole runs low, the system will switch off the pump until the water level recovers to a set level. 

Recently, Rapid Allweiler Pumps undertook a project involving the manufacture, assembly, delivery and commissioning on site, of a complete suction and discharge manifold skid base unit consisting of three of our 100% locally manufactured NT 125- 250 cast iron pumps.

At 87, serial entrepreneur Alain Leger, who founded one of South Africa’s most successful manufacturing enterprises, is a seasoned business person celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company he founded. While the art of taking on financial risks in the hope of achieving profits has eluded many, being a financially-savvy innovator has been in his blood for decades.

Fibertex SA has recently been awarded ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification at the Hammarsdale manufacturing plant. “The Hammarsdale facility - one of seven Fibertex factories worldwide - manufactures an extensive range of non woven geosynthetic products, in line with stringent international and local quality, safety and environmental specifications,” says Clive Hitchcock, CEO, Fibertex SA.

Maintenance technicians and experienced thermographers can quickly and easily detect troublesome hotspots with the user-friendly SKF Thermal Camera TKTI 21. With a thermal detector of 160 x 120 pixels and a visual camera, the TKTI 21 is suitable for many mechanical and electrical maintenance inspection applications.

FLSmidth is pleased to announce the launch of the NEW slurryMAX split case pump. The slurryMAX pump is the latest addition to the KREBS pump product family, however the new design features a split casing with multiple metal and polymer options, extreme centrifugal seal performance, a highly efficient impeller, and a variety of thick wear resistant liners.

BMG’s Motoline solar inverters for water pumps have been designed for dependable use in agricultural irrigation and water feed systems, for rural domestic and municipal water supply, as well as for ponds and dams. “All solar powered systems require a solar inverter to convert direct current (DC) generated by solar panels or other alternative sources, into alternating current (AC) for use in industrial, commercial and residential  applications,” explains Mick Baugh, electronics sales manager, BMG’s electromechanical division.

There are several factors that determine the life of industrial pumps as they work under varied conditions. Regular checkup and preventive maintenance is necessary to be performed as it can identify common problems. The  capability of a machine to convert one form of energy to another is what determines the efficiency of a machine. Industrial pump systems function under different pressure levels and temperatures that can take a toll on their efficiency.

The Future in Submersible Pumping Technology

• Data communication without additional signal cable
• No contact to liquid due to separate system
• Integrated pressure and level measurement
• Motor temperature measurement
• Alarm and event messages
• Protect the motor from over and undervoltage, over and under load phase failure
• Communication to process control

Two of the Rising Stars of the Rapid Allweiler Pumps internal and technical sales team

One of the key strengths of Rapid Allweiler Pumps, whose local pump manufacturing facility is in Isando, Johannesburg, is its dedication to building and delivering a diversified workforce. To this end the Company has recently employed two young black female engineers for its internal and technical sales team in Johannesburg.

Bosch Munitech, part of Bosch Holdings, was appointed by the Lower Berg Irrigation Board in the Western Cape, to design and implement a compliance metering and monitoring system on irrigation abstraction points along the Berg River. “Because of critical drought conditions in the Western Cape, the Department of Water and Sanitation now requires that all agricultural abstractions from the Berg River - a key source of water for Cape Town, surrounding towns and agricultural enterprises - be metered,” explains Iaan de beer, Bosch Munitech.

BMG has extended its range of fluid technology products to now ni clude Hydrotechnik measurement sensors and datalogging equipment for digital hydraulic testing and analysis. BMG also now distributes Minimess® test points and adaptors, high pressure microbore hose assemblies, pressure gauges and test kits for analogue testing,  charging, bleeding and sampling of almost any fluid or gas.

David Aldrich, Product Manager from Floway discusses seven benefits of using a VS pump design within oil and gas applications. When selecting a pump type, a user must consider various aspects such as; flow, pressure, Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH), space constraints, piping, and vertical versus horizontal pump orientation. Within the oil and gas industry, where the API 610 standard is required, pump selection is typically between a VS and BB designated pump. The VS design offers the following advantages over the BB type pump.

Verder – a global leader in advanced industrial pump solutions – has signed an exclusive distribution partnership with The Pumpsmith, as part of the company’s longterm strategy to expand its footprint within the greater Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) region. “This was an important move for our business. Verder has a long-standing presence in KZN and - as the region is a key hub for investment, development and growth of industrial sectors – we recognised an opportunity to increase our own investment, and extend our pump offering to customers in the area,” says Darryl Macdougall, Managing Director, Verder Pumps South Africa.

In its ongoing quest to push the boundaries of performance, pump manufacturer, KSB Group, has developed a special impeller to further improve the suction characteristics of its Movitec multistage high-pressure pumps. The new impeller is particularly useful in applications with critical inlet conditions such as boiler feed applications, as well as applications in which the pump is required to take in water from low-lying tanks or at higher temperatures.

Atlas Copco’s Power Technique business area will display its four-pillared product portfolio that delivers the perfect balance between performance, versatility, reliability, efficiency, and portability at Electra Mining 2018. “Focused on mobility, our products power customer productivity across a wide spectrum of applications within the mining, construction, drilling and rental sectors,” states David Stanford, Business Line Manager at Power Technique.

Hidrostal Flexible Coupled Bearing Frame is a close coupled rotating assembly fitted with the standard Hidrostal screw centrifugal hydraulic suitable engineered to accommodate a standard flange mount electric motor. The flexible coupled bearing frame pump is commonly installed in dry areas, e.g., together with other process machinery, dry-well sewage stations.

Since the company commencement in 1952 as an original equipment manufacturer, APE Pumps has been specialising in fluid handling management and turnkey projects bringing solutions to client’s problems in this field of industry for many years. With the advancement of the new working age of the fourth industrial age, APE Pumps have advanced their pattern making facilities, moving into new larger modern premises adjacent to the current operational manufacturing facilities in Wadeville.

Increasing asset performance is a universal goal for today’ s process industries. In an ever-increasing cost-cutting environment, coupled with an increasing global energy demand, securing robust and effective asset maintenance systems and equipment reliability has never been so crucial. Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa finds out more. Before even thinking about what a good reliability improvement strategy looks like companies are best advised to define what reliability means to their business.

New technology for hygienic and aseptic control valve applications in small volume dosing. The requirements for hygienic and operational safety in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and the food and beverage industries are continuously increasing. In order to fulfil the requirements and the associated customer requirements, GEMÜ has developed the PD design (plug diaphragm) to combine the advantages of diaphragm valves with regard to cleanability with the advantages of globe valves with regard to controllability.

Macsteel Fluid Control has upgraded the test equipment at their Lilianton Boksburg Facility. Keeping with global testing standards the new state of the art test unit allows for digitally testing and certifying valves according to all recognized standards. The new Test Equipment with 30 tons of clamp force is mainly for testing the integrity and performance of any Gate-, Globe-, Plug-, Ball, Check-, Slide-, Butterfly and Safety valves with Flange-, Thread- or Weld connections in the range ¼ – 16-inch DN400 in a safe controlled manner.

“Good guiding of the plug head with three or more guide bars offers better benefits to valve performance than otherwise offered by the conventional method of fitting guides around the shaft” commented Richard Rule, eDART Slurry Valve Director. “Benefits such as protection of the actuator, vibration control, prevention of rotation of the plug head and keeping the seat alignment intact, all of which play an important role in valve longevity and operation” he said.

AVK products installed in water utilization project in the Negev desert – saving resources and expanding local farming possibilities. In Israel, the water resources are limited and several of the farmers around the Negev desert have been forced to let their fields dry out due to a lack of water resources. This has negatively affected the local standard of living and Israel has been forced to think out the box and bring forth alternative solutions.

The HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) thermal spray process from South Africa’s foremost engineering and coating technology specialist, Thermaspray, helps to extend the service lifecycle and enhance the performance of metal  seated ball valves, improving uptime and productivity for end-users. Valves utilised by the chemical, petrochemical and mining sectors for example, are exposed to corrosive fluids containing wear particles which, when trapped between rotating and stationary surfaces, cause abrasion wear damage.

Kira Valves & Engineering, a Black Youth Owned and Black Women Empowered, BBBEE Level 1 Company, was established in 2005. Their committed team specialises in valve refurbishment, on-site services and fabrication services to the engineering industry. The team aims to provide market-leading products, services & solutions for the most challenging applications and simultaneously succeed in supporting their clients in keeping their maintenance costs to a minimum whilst guarding an excellent turnaround time.

To design a successful pipeline system requires the consideration of the pipeline profile and the combined characteristics of the pump, check valve, air valve, control valve, pipeline material and surge equipment. Each pipeline component should be analysed in an optimising process that considers not only the initial capital cost but the sum of all costs during the total lifetime of the system, with the aim of preserving limited valuable resources, such as energy, water and capital. With regards to Check Valve.

AZ-Armaturen’s Type Cartridge Plug Valve with replaceable cartridge design ensures optimal operation with the option of replacing the seat arrangement in the original place – this assists with effective and fast on-the-go maintenance. The aligning pins safeguards the replacement of the cartridge, preventing incorrect installation or misalignment during maintenance.

Use of water in mining

From the recovery of mineral ores and chemical solutions, washing minerals once they have been extracted, to equipment such as rock cutters, water in mining has many different roles to play. Water can also transport Ores away from the mine site through pipelines in slurry which can minimise road and/or rail transport costs. Clean water is also a very important resource in a mining environment as it is required to meet the drinking, cooking and washing needs of its employees throughout the lifetime of the mine. 

With branches in every major South African city, leading quality fluid conveyance solutions provider Incledon has a formidable national footprint. This allows it to target many major water-infrastructure projects in the country at present. DPI Trading, a division of the larger national Incledon Group, has been involved in a range of major  infrastructure projects. These include supplying a range of pipe and fittings to Ruwacon Civils, the main contractor on the Nduli Reservoir project in Ceres for the Witzenberg Municipality.

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