For many years the mining sector have relied on liquid ring vacuum pumps & low pressure compressors for a variety of applications in their processes & even central vacuum supply in the On site laboratories. No other type of vacuum pump has been able to withstand the heavy duty demands that are placed on this type of pump & without fail they provide years of trouble free, hassle free service within this industrial sector.

The Southern African Pump Systems Development Association (SAPSDA) has expanded the membership categories to be inclusive of all elements of pump systems and now includes pump control systems with electrical controls which plays a major role in the design of pump systems.

Effective 1 November 2017, Atlas Copco grows into two separate international groups of companies. Globally, the entire Mining & Rock Excavation Technique Business Area together with the Construction Tools Division of Atlas Copco becomes part of Epiroc while the industrial segment remains with Atlas Copco.

Plantweb Insight for heat exchanger monitoring enables quick ROI through a secure, affordable app alerts viewable anytime, anywhere. Emerson today announced an extension of its Plantweb digital ecosystem with the new Plantweb Insight Heat Exchanger app, an affordable, easy-to-use analytics and asset alert predictive intelligence tool, which provides maintenance staffs real-time access to critical heat exchanger diagnostics anytime, anywhere to improve operations in chemical, oil and gas and refining operations.

Growing their Southern African footprint has been a driving force for AMD Rotolok that continues to go from strength to strength as it aims to deliver cost effective solutions to industry. Lifting Africa finds out more. The material handling industry has become extremely competitive, says Theo Sherman, Managing Director at AMD Rotolok. With most companies, still in cost cutting mode and product rates under pressure standing out in this 
environment is of extreme importance.

As South Africa seeks to replace its dwindling offshore gas reserves, plans to kick off shale gas exploration in the Karoo basin are at an advanced stage. Ahead of such a possible mammoth project, PMPS, a packaged metering and pumping solution provider in South Africa, is well positioned to partner an industry where optimal reagent usage is of utmost significance.

Cairn India’s Rageshwari Gas Terminal treats gas from other Cairn sites and is the only plant in Rajasthan that solely processes gas. The natural gas contains impurities, which are removed in primary and secondary clariers, and moisture, which is removed by processing with glycol injection. The glycols are introduced at high pressure to overcome the natural gas pressure.

An Australian company that supplies a comprehensive selection of mechanical seals as well as en-gineered sealing solutions to various Australian industries has found that a Vesconite throttle bush can extend the life of seals. A typical single-stage pump includes a throttle bushing that is located below the sealing mechanism.

Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse (HAW), part of the Hytec Group of Companies, recently introduced the latest Salami Group 2 (PG20) range of cast iron gear pumps to the South African market. They follow on the success of the Group 3 (PG331) cast iron gear pumps and are highly suited for mining, agriculture and forestry applications,  have dust resistance and explosion-proof componentry and are more compact than their predecessor.

After decades of uncontrolled industrial (mining) activities, water supply is under serious threat. Studies show that acid water levels in the country’s mines are rising at a staggering average rate of 0.59 m/day.

The environmental footprint of world renowned tourist attraction, the Bourke’s Luck Potholes in Mpumalanga, has been taken to new level thanks to SewTreat’s supply of a biological waste water treatment plant for the Mpumalanga Tourism & Parks Agency. The existing septic tank system servicing the main reception and bathroom facilities at Bourke’s Luck Potholes has been replaced with sustainable sanitation technology thanks  to SewTreat. “This technology will ensure that from now on, only clean, recycled effluent is discharged into the Blyde River thereby helping to conserve and preserve the precious ecosystem if the Blyde River system,” enthused Theunis Coetzer, spokesperson for SewTreat.

The HIPPO Flameproof Submersible Slurry Pump Range which has been designed, developed and manufactured in South Africa has a minimum of 98% local content – with only the bearings and mechanical seals being imported. All manufactured components for the HIPPO Pump Range have a 100% local content while all castings
manufactured in South Africa and all the machining of the components is done in-house at the HAZLETON PUMPS
manufacturing facility in Centurion.

BMG’s range of Steimel lubricant and feed gear pumps – the SF series – is used mainly on oil lube systems in mines, steel works, power stations and general industry. “SF heavy duty pumps, which offer pulsation-free pumping delivery, are designed to pump any grade of lube oil, including high viscosity oils. These pumps are particularly suitable for transporting media with some minimal lubricity, is chemically compatible and does not
contain solids,” says Joe Pinheiro, BMG’s national product manager, pumps. “SF gear pumps are used as circulation pumps in oil lube systems, kidney systems and for transferring (off-loading or dispensing) of oils.

The Hytec Group has become South Africa’s first company to receive full accreditation as a training provider to qualify ‘Fluid Power Fitters’. The Hytec Group, a hydraulics, pneumatics and automation specialist company, received full accreditation with program approval from the industry sector education and training authority – merSETA – to provide theoretical and practical training for the National Certificate Mechanical Engineering: Fitting (Fluid Power); and the National Certificate Mechanical Engineering: Fitting (Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Industries), both at NQF level II.

Becker Mining South Africa’s PVS range of vortex pumps has been designed to efficiently pump sludge and slurries containing large abrasive solids and fibrous materials in light, medium and heavy service industries. The PVS range, which can handle solids to 72 mm (3 inches) and S.G’s to 1,5, achieves up to 87 meters heads at speeds of 2 950 rpm. These units are available in two and three inch models, with a 0,7 meter spindle length and single motor drive.

Bosch Munitech, part of Bosch Holdings, has extended its construction services to now incorporate irrigation systems and other water related solutions, including borehole drilling and the installation of borehole pumps. “The company plays an important role in the development of agriculture in South Africa by working closely with the Government to support emerging and community farmers,” says Conrad Adendorff, mechanical specialist, Bosch Munitech.

KSB Pumps and Valves recently added the new generation Etabloc close-coupled pump range to its line-up of efficient water pumps. The newly enhanced series comprises 43 pump sizes, which can be driven by either 2-pole or 4-pole motors. With further additions to the selection chart, the pump size can now be selected even closer to the best efficiency point.

eDART dual valves and poppet samplers continue to offer exceptional level control at Northam’s Booysendal plant near Lydenburg, Mpumalanga. eDART Slurry Valves Director, Richard Rule commented “When Booysendal was originally built in 2010, we supplied dual dart valves and poppet samplers, and continue to be involved in the commissioning and aftersales support to Booysendal who have sourced additional samplers from us over the years.

ARVALV through-port knife-gate valves have long been the product of choice for challenging abrasive and scaling applications at plants and facilities where extended service life is a must. The ARVALV range is manufactured, stocked, and serviced by AR Controls, a leading importer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of internationally-recognised valves and instrumentation. The company also boasts the largest product
inventory of any similar company in Africa.

SKF's operations in Sweden are set to be given a boost with the inauguration of a completely new, fully automated digital production process in Gothenburg, adapted for the manufacture of spherical roller bearings. The new production unit is the first of its type to be put into operations within the SKF Group and is part of a programme of next generation manufacturing technology within the company.

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